In 2017, Lean Nonprofit is Focusing On Delivering Top-Notch Workshops

Check out the plethora of Low-cost (starting at $5) in-Person workshops, Courses, and One-day Classes on our Eventbrite Page. 

If you've had a hankering to get more training, better training, more practical training - you know, the stuff you can use right now, today in your work - this is going to be your year, darling. I've cooked up a full 12 months of awesome things for you based on what my clients and readers and nonprofit peeps have told me they need. See if any of it is up your alley. 

Oh! And, have some fun while you're at it, OK? It's a new year - time to take care of yourself while you change the world. It's kind of a big job, and you're kind of a big deal for doing it, so give yourself a big break now and then. Every month in 2017, Lean Nonprofit is co-hosting a local Nonprofit Happy Hour with Hearthstone Real Estate for nonprofit and public service people just like you. Join us for a couple hours for coffee, tea, wine or beer, and connect with other awesome people doing important work in the community. You'll want in on this, trust me. 

The workshops kicking off 2017 are IN PERSON in Eugene, Oregon, so they're ideal for people in the area. If you don't live close, but see something that strikes your fancy, let us know - we're planning to do some great online courses this year as well, and would love to hear what is most interesting to you! 

The button below will unlock the magic of what we're offering this year - and will open a new window where you can browse all of our events listed so far. Keep an eye out, because more will be listed in the coming weeks! 

At Lean Nonprofit, We're all About Helping Nonprofits Build Better Businesses So you Can Get REAL mission REsults. Like, REally real.

What does a better nonprofit business look like? 

Well. For starters, financial stability. We help you generate revenue in new and creative ways to get you closer to sleeping at night instead of worrying whether you'll make payroll this month. 

What else? How about reduced turnover? A happy staff is a productive staff. Only people who are healthy and happy can truly change the world. We can help you build a culture and a staff development plan that will serve your mission like you've never seen before. 

Oh, and what happens when you, another leader, the Executive Director or CEO, Board Chair, random person who waters the plants but you don't notice until they quit and the plants all wilt, leave? Have a plan for that? No? We can help with that too. 

How about strategy? Do you have your top priorities all lined up? Quick! What are they? If you couldn't rattle them off with ease, you need help. We got you covered on that front too. 

Want to dig in more? Work with us. 

Keep In Touch. We like You. Chances Are, You might like Us Too.