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Nonprofit nerd extraordinaire: Sarai Johnson

Nonprofit nerd extraordinaire: Sarai Johnson

Sarai Johnson: Founder And Principal Consultant

Sarai uses many words to describe herself. Here are a few of them: Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Nonprofit Genius, Loudgirl; and just like many of you - nonprofit practitioner, nonprofit executive leader, board member, volunteer, and an all-around good-hearted dreamer and doer. Incidentally, she's also a small business manager, entrepreneur and organizational development geek. It turns out these skill sets and experiences are a good combo when it comes to helping nonprofits successfully build revenue generating programs that are aligned with their missions. Magical, right??

Fun Fact: Sarai learned most everything she knows from trying it, doing it (right or wrong) and learning from the results. 

Sarai has served as a Figure-it-out-as-you-go Nonprofit Manager, Grantwriter and Administrator, Speaker and Trainer, Board Member, Intrapreneur and now, Entrepreneur.

Here’s a normal person bio, in case you are Not Interested in Having fun with Bios:

Sarai Johnson, Founder and Principal of Lean Nonprofit, LLC is a nonprofit management maven, creative entrepreneur, and best-selling author. Sarai spent more than a decade managing nonprofit programs, people, and projects. She earned her Master of Public Administration and a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Oregon, and holds certifications in Project Management, Cognitive Behavioral Group Facilitation, EverythingDiSC and Five Behaviors of a Team Facilitation, and Business Incubator Management, among others. Before launching Lean Nonprofit in 2014, Sarai served as the Assistant Director at NEDCO, Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation where she played a key part in scaling the organization from one program run by six people, to the multifaceted gem it is today.

When she is not busy transforming the nonprofit sector, Sarai can be found hiking, floating down some river somewhere, or hanging out with her adorable Finnish-named children, Kalevvi and Taavi, their dog Penny, and her super-delightful boyfriend, Isaac. (This is a family that loves a double letter in a name).

Jacob Lubman, Managing Consultant

Artist's Approximation: Jacob Lubman

Artist's Approximation: Jacob Lubman

If there’s one thing Jacob hates, it’s being wasteful: wasting time, wasting resources, and wasting momentum are all cardinal sins in his book. Jacob joins the Lean Nonprofit team fresh off an MBA in Sustainable Business Practices at the University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business and is chomping at the bit to put the Lean into Lean Nonprofit! Jacob has a number of consulting projects under his belt, and has worked with community organizations and nonprofits to increase their capacity and reduce waste. Jacob has a particular passion for creating and implementing processes that solve problems before they start.

Jacob is an avid learner, and desperately loves his menagerie of animals at home. When he’s not helping things run smoothly behind the scenes at Lean Nonprofit, he is often playing recreational sports at a merely capable level, searching for exciting new restaurants, and watching reruns on Netflix.  

Nonprofit Genius: Jerrica Becken

Nonprofit Genius: Jerrica Becken

Jerrica Becken, Consultant

Jerrica is a nonprofit aficionado with a passion for helping organizations be the best they can be. Her background is in marketing and development, with an emphasis on annual giving strategy and appeal writing. She earned her Master of Nonprofit Management from the University of Oregon in 2016, and worked with a number of local organizations during her time as chair of the university’s chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. She currently works as the Program Manager of Direct Marketing at the UO, where she oversees direct mail strategies and solicitations for UO academic units and affiliates.

Jerrica is an avid reader, an adventure-seeker, a dog lover and a karaoke champ. She enjoys hiking, dancing, watching and playing most sports (golf is not a real sport) and spending time with her husband, Robert, and their 3 year-old black lab, Toews (pronounced Tayze – it’s French Canadian…don’t ask unless you like hockey). 

Jerrica oversees keynote bookings, publishing, marketing and inbound sales, among other awesome things for Lean Nonprofit.