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Become who you need to be to meet your mission.


Lean Nonprofit wants to equip nonprofit leaders and practitioners with the information, practice and tools they need to rock the world (in a good way!). Coaching engagements provide you with direct access to Sarai’s expertise, experience and bag of tricks to help you become the best you can be.

Coaching engagements are based on a project or specific set of goals you want to achieve. Whether you’re just starting out, been doing this a while, or ready to make your graceful exit and need support, Sarai can help you. Coaching is based on the absolute incontrovertible truth that to be a great leader, one must constantly become a better person. If you’re willing to work hard and are open to being transformed, check out the coaching opportunities.

Individual Coaching

Episodic coaching engagements include a set of coaching meetings in person or virtually, and will be built around your specific needs and interests for achieving your goals.  All individual coaching engagements include DiSC profile appropriate to your needs (Workplace, Management, or Leadership), Strengths Finder assessment, and an initial consultation to define your needs and goals. Email and phone access included. Longer engagements are priced according to your ROI.

Team Coaching  

Do you have a challenge you need to deal with on your team? Looking at a big project, culture change, or other issue that needs some support? Sarai can help you and your team develop better communication habits, develop a strong working culture, and determine and achieve great results. Pricing for team coaching includes Workplace or Management (whichever is appropriate for your team) DiSC assessments for the entire team (up to 7 people), development of a strengths map, a workshop for developing team agreements (in person or virtual), and a series of coaching check ins over a three month period.

Virtual Coaching Groups

Join a virtual coaching group to connect with your own goals and a set of likeminded peers. Virtual coaching groups serve as a peer coaching platform that Sarai facilitates, bringing you a mastermind cohort along with Lean Nonprofit tools, templates, and plans. 


Mentoring is a retainer-based access program for people who are serious about maximizing their ability to effectively manage and lead their nonprofits, and who are ready to invest in their nonprofit career.

All mentoring engagements include a Leadership DiSC assessment, Strengths Finder analysis, and an individualized action plan to help you make progress on your goals.


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Don't be someone you're not - become who you need to be to do the important work at hand. It's worth the investment.

Don't be someone you're not - become who you need to be to do the important work at hand. It's worth the investment.