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Sarai, Lean Nonprofit Principal, provides direct consulting for your nonprofit to help you establish and manage an effective business model to meet your mission.

Focus areas include:

New Business Model Development 

From a workshop with your board and/or staff to identify revenue opportunities, to a full-service business implementation project, Sarai can help you make the most of your assets and opportunities.

Culture Development 

Defining and aligning your leadership and staff on an appropriate, effective organizational culture is essential to operating a high-impact nonprofit. Engaging the board, staff and leadership on a culture change effort can begin with help from Sarai.

Program Development

From grants that launch new efforts to programs that need some updating and tweaking, Sarai can help you effectively develop, launch and improve programs to optimize their impact for your constituents.

Fund Development

Need a fundraising strategy? Sarai can help.

Project Management

Integrate project management practices into your operations and reap the benefits of better communication, control, and results.

Program Evaluation

Institute an evaluative culture and develop simple, usable tools to measure your nonprofit’s impact. Whether it’s at the organizational level, project level or program level, Sarai can help you identify your metrics, measure results, and communicate with the right people about what you’re accomplishing.

Curriculum Development

Can’t find an out of the box solution for your training or curriculum needs? Sarai is adept at rapid, inclusive curriculum development – all of which includes evaluation and result-orientation from the get-go!

General Nonprofit Management Issues

Sarai can help you with a load of nonprofit issues – just ask!

Topical Expertise

Food hub development, food enterprises, business incubators, microenterprise programs, asset building, homeownership, individual development accounts, financial capability, farmers’ markets and community economic development.


Fees vary, based on the value the project brings to your organization. We’re shooting for a great ROI (return on investment), so ask for a quote. Sarai values organizations of all sizes, so consideration is given for annual budgets under $1 million.

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Get the good ideas. Define your project. Get it done. See your results. Communicate your impact. 

Get the good ideas. Define your project. Get it done. See your results. Communicate your impact.