Are you a new or aspiring Executive Director? This Might Be For You.

You know how you carry the weight of your entire organization on your shoulders? And you worry that your board members aren’t happy or engaged, or they don’t know what to do, or you need more of them, and you aren’t even sure what their role needs to be right now? You know how you need to raise hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars and at the same time keep your staff happy and doing well? You know that the success or failure of your mission always comes back to you. It’s…a lot.

But - imagine instead, that you have a team of people who are poised and ready to support you and ensure your success in your first months on the job. Imagine your board knows exactly what their role ought to be, and they take responsibility and ownership gladly. Imagine you knew how to get your organization fully funded and financially stable. What if you were certain you could juggle all of the competing demands of being a leader of a thriving nonprofit?

What would it mean for you and your organization if you had that support and that confidence? What would it mean if you were able to take your whole self to work every day to mobilize your cause? What would it mean to know you could attain financial stability and leverage your funds to make an even bigger mission impact?

Guess what? At Lean Nonprofit, we’ve been cooking up something amazing just for you. The Executive Director School.

In it:

You’ll participate in a group of likeminded people working in similar new roles so you can gain the friendship and support of other brilliant, passionate leaders.

You’ll learn how to manage a board effectively so you can maximize their involvement and impact and build strong relationships.

You’ll learn how to effectively diversify your revenue streams, raise more money, and use it wisely so you can go about your business of changing the world.

Further – you’ll learn how to manage your staff so you can keep the best people on the job; you’ll learn to communicate a compelling and passionate message about what you do and why you do it so you can launch funders and supporters into action; you’ll learn how to continuously become a better person so you can be the best leader you can possibly be.

12 weeks. 12 deep-dive topics. a small cohort of people just like you, digging in and getting prepared to change the world in a massive way. 

We'll Cover:

1.     How to be a Thoughtful Leader (driven by EverythingDiSC)

2.     Public Speaking - how to make a splash for your nonprofit mission

3.     Financial Management (how to understand the complexity of nonprofit financial reports, making sound financial decisions, balancing risk and reward, responsible donor and funder stewardship)

4.     Program Design, Implementation and Evaluation (diversifying revenue through minimum viable programs)

5.     Fund Development (fundraising, donor relationships, grant magnet)

6.     Working with a Board (culture development, board stewardship, clarifying the board role and empowering them to carry it though, strategic planning)

7.     Working with Nonprofit Staff (succession planning, and staff development)

8.     Collaboration and Impact (how to work well with partners to develop authentic collaborations)

9.     Compliance (financial controls and fraud prevention, reporting, grants management and reporting, federal and state level compliance, by-laws, articles, taxes)

10. Organizational Development (culture, building an organization that outlasts you and everyone you know)

11.  Marketing and communication (how to talk about what you do to launch donors and funders into action, developing strong case statements, marketing channels, content marketing, how to fund marketing)

12.  Revenue Generation and Business Model Development (diversifying revenue streams through entrepreneurial activities, defining business model assumptions including engines of growth and growth hypotheses)

13.  Making connections for personal and professional development (networking and building relationships with all people – allies, supporters, donors, funders, regulators, board members, staff, and more)

14. How to have fun doing what you're born to do - even when the going gets hard! 

Are you ready to rock this??

Apply today! The first cohort will launch in late September, 2016 and run until early December. Apply now to get a screamin' deal on a huge career booster - and help shape this program for future cohorts! Make the world a better place, right here, right now.

Still Need More Info? 

Totally reasonable. We like to know more stuff too. Here's the deal, the long and short of it: 

Executive Director School features...

12-week cohort based online course

Group coaching

Instruction and support from a team of nonprofit experts and geniuses

The help you need that will help you be an effective, confident, inspired and inspiring Executive Director

The fastest, most cost-effective, most accessible way to get a jump on your long-term nonprofit career dreams

An ethos that focuses on making a huge, world-changing impact, and having FUN while we do it. Life is too short to be serious all the time.

You'll get all of this, plus, we're willing to bet, a host of rad new connections for a one-time investment of $2500. 

If you attended the 2016 Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Conference, you'll get an additional $1000 off - just let me know during check out. 

If you need a payment plan, you can get in on this action for three payments of $850, or six payments of $425. Why? Because, we want you to do this. 

Hey! Why Isn't there a "buy now" button?? What Gives?

We want to make sure this program is a great fit for you and us - we want you to get all the things we're promising you, here. Of course! And that means we need to do some screening up front to make sure the cohort is full of the most fabulous of all people (you included, surely). So, instead of hitting you up with a "buy now," we're asking you to complete a brief survey so we know who is in the crew, and what your goals are for the program. Take 5 minutes to give us that before September 1st, and we'll give you back an additional discount bonus. A surprise one (a good one, though! Promise!). 

Apply today! This is your moment. It's time for you to change the world - and have fun doing it.