Oh, hi! There's more below, but I right quick want you to see the latest, greatest offering for Nonprofit consultants! 

We are starting the next 6-month cohort of Book Yourself Solid(R) for Nonprofit Consultants on August 1st! This is better than it's ever been, so check it out and enroll ASAP if you're looking to book more clients, make more money, and enjoy your damn life. 

Now, back to your regularly scheduled webpage:


I love Nonprofit consultants because I love nonprofits

If you are a consultant, or are considering starting a consulting business, I would love to help you get your business rocking and rolling in a most delightful way. 

My business coaching is based on Book Yourself Solid®, Cognitive Behavioral Group Facilitation, EverythingDiSC, and Yoga (sounds weird, but I promise it will make sense to you, eventually). 

I have recently launched nonprofit consultant coaching, and I expect these offerings will expand in the future. 

A note on this page

I decided in recent months to do business in a way that feels good to me. And part of what feels good to me is throwing away sales funnels and a bunch of online bells and whistles that slowly, slowly reveal, after a whole bunch of hype and pomp, the price and the thing I'm selling. 

Let's save ourselves some time, shall we? And also, let's make decisions about our lives and businesses in an environment that isn't frenzied and hyped up and absolutely bonkers, OK? I will do my best to facilitate that. Part of this work is sharing with you my pricing along with my offerings. 

I often launch minimum viable products and pricing reflects my pilot phases - I will tell you when that is the case. When it is, it's a great chance for you to help me co-create something that will be awesome for you, and hopefully even awesomer (I know, not a word, but I like it) for the people who come with you. You benefit by getting something really valuable at a hot deal, and I benefit from testing out my concepts in partnership with people. 

In that spirit, I have occasionally offered Name Your Own Price options for people - and I will continue to do that for new offerings. This allows you to consider what is a significant investment of your financial and time resources in yourself and your business, while helping me to get a sense of what people in the marketplace are interested in paying for something I'm providing. 

Now you know! Proceed with delight! If you're interested in coaching or any of these offerings, please connect with me directly! You can use the contact form to the right (or below, if you're on mobile), or you can email me at sarai at leannonprofit.com. I hope we can connect soon! 


Book Yourself Solid® for Nonprofit Consultants

In 2018, I piloted a 6-month minimum viable product for Book Yourself Solid® for Nonprofit Consultants (because a minimum viable product is an entrepreneur's best friend). Through that learning process, my clients helped me shape and refine an offering that I think you will LOVE.

Starting in August 2018, we'll launch a 6-month cohort of up to 10 consultants from all over the country (and maybe even a few Canadians - and I'm going to make zero Canadian jokes, here, because they are NICE PEOPLE).

We'll work together for 6 months as we implement the  Book Yourself Solid® strategy as it has been refined and adapted specifically for nonprofit consultants. We'll have one cohort call a month on Zoom, so we can see each other's faces and learn more about what each person does, how we can refer to each other, and how we can help each other solve problems. We'll have a private (NOT ON FACEBOOK) online group where you can connect with other cohort members. We'll have an individual call - just you and me, once a month as well to support your progress through Book Yourself Solid® and your own goals. And we'll have online content - so you can learn all the details on Book Yourself Solid® and a few other important tools to your heart's content without having to spend too much time on the coaching calls learning the ins and outs of the system. 

If this sounds awesome - building a super solid network of fellow consultants, building your business so you can get as many clients as you can handle even if you hate marketing and selling right now, and getting really focused on what you do, who you serve, and why you're doing it - get in touch. It's going to be so fun. It's going to be epic. It's going to be my favorite thing, probably, so get in on it while the getting's good. 

More on Book Yourself Solid®: This process is an amazing business system designed by Michael Port. In fact - it's actually secretly a love story disguised as a business system. I love BYS because it allows people to be fully self-expressed in their work while also creating completely beautiful businesses based on their personal values and desires to serve the world. 

My initial cohort clients went through six months of work with me - and most of them have renewed for another 6 months - why? Because it's fun, informative, inspiring, and truly can help you overcome obstacles that might be in your way while you do the work you love to work with a coach who really understands you, your business, and your goals. 

This offering is a 6 month coaching process offered at $300 a month. If you want to pay up front for the full 6 months, it's $1600. 

Oh. And here's something about pricing - if you're just getting started or you just want to get rolling on your business and don't have the scratch to invest quite this month yet, don't let the numbers stop you. Get in touch and we can work something out. I love nonprofits and I love nonprofit consultants - so if you're somebody super rad doing super amazing stuff, I'm here for that. Let's chat. 

Once we have a call, I'll send you the info for enrollment, and you can decide what's right for you. Then, we'll book our first coaching call, and get this party started! 

Business Embodied

This is a new offering. That's where you get the exciting introductory Name Your Own Price thing I mentioned before! This will only be offered at a Name Your Own Price level for a limited time - until 5 people join the upcoming cohort (only 2 slots left!). 

Business Embodied helps you not only build your business using awesome Book Yourself Solid® brilliance and tactics, but also allows you to tap into your body wisdom in a deeply transformative way so you can build a life you don't need to escape from. 

This will include coaching every other week for 7 months. We will work through your chakra system, design a daily ritual practice for you to identify and overcome obstacles to your success, delve deep into your spirit and psyche to help you identify your true superpowers in the world so you can unleash them with joy and passion. We will integrate business design and development with the journey through the chakras, and will use movement and breathwork to birth your amazing gift of business into the world. 

I don't know how to talk about this without making it sound super woo woo yet, so...I don't know. Just bear with me. It's a minimum viable product. ;) The truth is, embodied wisdom is very real, and very necessary. In Western culture, we live in our heads almost exclusively, and this leaves us with many unresolved issues and emotions that we store and hide away in the body. Over time, we build armor around ourselves in ways that can hinder our growth and expansion. Launching and growing a business is something that calls for us - demands for us - to constantly evolve into a stronger and brighter version of ourselves. Business Embodied attempts to help you do just that. 

If you are interested in this coaching offering, please connect with me via email and we can set up a time to chat about it. This will be a Name Your Own Price offering, and I will not offer anchors at the high or low end of the pricing spectrum - it's all up to you and what feels right and sufficient to you. I hope it is a stretch - in that it feels like a real investment on your end - without being an extreme sacrifice. The last thing I want is for you to be stressed out about money. You don't need to do that. Just make your best offer, and we can work something out. 

From Burned Out to In Business

Another minimum viable product with a Name Your Own Price on it. This will be available until 3 people have signed on. This Name Your Own Price will have a bottom line parameter, however, as it will require up-front work in person in a location we will mutually determine (my preferences are Sisters, OR, or the Columbia Gorge for reasons that will become clear in time). 

If you have worked in the nonprofit sector - or any sector, for that matter - for a long time, it is possible that you have experienced some symptoms of burn out. You might be burned out now. You might be burned out and simultaneously trying to start a business. That is not an easy proposition. 

This coaching offering is designed to help you redesign your life because once you burn out, you have to grow back in a new way. That is, your old ways of being, your old ways of working, your old ways of pushing ahead and achieving - those things, by necessity, must change after you burn out. It's just true. It's hard, at first, to accept that. But it is true. 

This redesign will allow you to build a new life you don't need to escape from while simultaneously creating the time and space to recover from burnout - because it has very real, very tangible effects on your body, mind, and spirit. 

With a combination of yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, business development, and other practices, we will work together to design your wellness and wholeness alongside your business development - so your business can scale with you. 

I believe that when we burn out, we extinguish our energy in all the vital places in our bodies and spirits. All we have left, if we burn out enough, might be a little pilot light in our soul. Burned Out to In Business will use that pilot light to help you rekindle your energies and your passions in new ways so you can use that power in a more focused and gentle way. 

If you are interested in this offering, please get in touch and we can schedule a time to talk. 

Licensing and Training

Lean Nonprofit Consultant Training and Licensure

If you are a consultant and would like to offer any of the products I provide to clients, I am preparing to offer a licensing and certification program to help you adopt and adapt my intellectual property to work for your clients. This license will allow you to sell and provide Lean Nonprofit designed and tested products and services, and to join a network of consultants who are trained and equipped in the same. If you are interested in this, let me know! 

EverythingDiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

I am an Authorized Partner for EverythingDiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team products. I offer them to nonprofits at a discounted rate. I also provide consultants with access to these products so you can offer them to your clients without having to create or maintain an Authorized Partnership if you don't need or want to do so. If you're interested in learning more about this arrangement, please get in touch.

Ready to Get Started? Or Looking for More Info Before You Jump in?

The best way to get started - even just to see if you want to work with me in the first place, is to fill out the inquiry form and book a call. I'll learn about you, you'll learn about me, and we'll talk about ways to move forward if and when you're ready. I never make a hard pitch, because I hate that kind of stuff. Instead, I invite you to participate in the ways that might be a good fit, and then you take some time to decide. No pressure.