Get Strategic NOW!

You’re a hard-working, fast-thinking, action-taking nonprofit genius. And you’re tired of spending your time and energy on projects that don’t pan out, chasing grants that don’t make sense, and running yourself and your staff ragged. You just want to make your mission ROCK in the world, don’t you?

Guess what, my dear sweet treasure! Now you can!

Hi guys – I’m Sarai – a nonprofit slogger like yourself, working in the trenches to make great change in the world – and I am super stoked to invite you to the “Get Strategic NOW” – a brand-spanking-new 6-week online training of pure AWESOME!

Get Strategic NOW is an intensive online experience run live with me and a handful of likeminded geniuses like yourself. It’s based on the real-life experience and practice I’ve had creating and implementing simple, but EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE strategic plans with nonprofits of all sizes and types. I think you’re going to really dig this process, and the course will help you maximize your time and effort on making this happen for the nonprofit(s) you love.

Is this experience right for you?

Let me ask you a few questions:

Do you ever find yourself wondering what you should be doing with your time in order to make a difference for your clients, your community and the world? Do you feel like you work your butt off and don’t make as much progress as you hoped you would? Do you sometimes wonder if you’re making a difference at all? And how you would even know if you were??

Do you feel a little lost when you’re looking for funding?

Do you wonder when the madness will stop or ease up or get a little easier?

Do you get energized when you can see something IS working and you just KNOW? Do you feel alive when you see your mission come to life in people and places you serve?

That’s not just me, is it?

I thought not.

“But we don’t want to get slowed down by a PLAN, Sarai!”

Oh my. Have I ever heard (ahem…said) this one a lot! Planning takes time! It’s just words on paper, trapped in a cute binder that gathers dust on the shelf (a-choo!). Strategic planning is dead – instead, let’s just “fail fast!”

When I first started my nonprofit journey, I was all about just getting stuff out there, making it happen, and getting it funded. And you know what? I was good at it too. The problem is, there comes a point when you look at what you’ve created, no matter how rad it all is, and you realize your board isn’t aligned with your strategy. Your staff has no idea what the heck is going on. Your community is confused about what you’re doing.

And you have run out of gas.

Have you ever heard the phrase “go slow to go fast?”

I thought that was HIGHLY irritating when I first heard it. But, hear me out for a second – the concept it promotes is that planning before you dive in head first can allow you to make things happen faster once you get rolling. Not only that, but planning will get you better results because your people are aligned with the plan.

Trust me, I’m a bulldozer. I love to get stuff done, and make it happen. It’s great! If you’re like me, you get SO much joy from seeing something awesome happen – whether it’s a new (amazing) program, or a completely transformed life you know your organization helped make happen.

But the truth is, without a strategy, you are LOST.

You can do a lot of good here and there, and over here, and Oh! Over there too!

But you are NOT making progress toward MAKING YOUR MISSION REAL IN THE WORLD.

If you want to do that, well, you have to have a strategy.

And if you want to have a strategy, you need to take a little time to get things straight with yourself, and with your team (your team being your board, staff, clients, and power players – funders and politicians and the like).

But here’s the best part!

A little time means just that. It doesn’t have to take you MONTHS to get this done! It doesn’t require hiring a super fancy consulting firm to do it for you.

You can do this process in a day.

Yeah. A day, plus some front end time for planning, and back end time for writing up the report.

Want to know how to do this like a TOTAL ROCK STAR?

Good. I thought you might.

But just a sec. Before you read on – do NOT join this program if you are not a fast-moving, action-taking, forward-thinking person. Leave this page immediately if you think nonprofit work is all fuzz and feels and do-goodery wrapped in a cozy shell of “altruism.”

This program is for serious business – and yeah, I’ll use that word a lot, so if it makes you cringe, you might want to run while you still have a chance!

But, if you’re ready to rock the world with the good you do, and you KNOW you have to get serious about how to do that?

This is for you, my friend.

When you jump to your feet and say “YES!” to Get Strategic NOW, here’s what you’re getting:

Week One: Get your ducks in a row and get to work-

Learn how you can facilitate the BEST MEETING ever – even if that’s not your game (yet!). Get familiar with the Lean NonprofitTM Mission Canvas tool that will help you lay out a simple, beautiful, achievable, ACTIONABLE strategic plan. How to pump yourself up for and get ready to rock that fabulous strategic planning session.

Week Two: Where my peeps at?

We’re going to dig into the phases of running this planning session bit by bit – starting where it really matters: you’re people. We’re going to uncover who should be at the table, and what they offer – we’re going to talk about who you serve, who cares about wat you’re doing, and how to facilitate this part of your planning process. We’ll talk about how to talk to and about your stakeholders too.

Week 3: If You Got A Problem, Yo, [You’ll] Solve It!

We’re going to dig into how to get your strategic planning team to engage on the problems you’re solving for stakeholders, and how to map those problems to the awesome solutions you’re providing. We’ll talk about the process of faciliating this portion of the process so you can get it done effectively, inclusively and with a whole lot of engagement (and fun! What? Planning is fun? Meetings are fun? Yep).

Week 4: So What?

You will know how to lead your team through a process to determine what you actually care about, what your results should be and how you will measure and report those results. Some nerds call this program evaluation – you will become one of those nerds, and you will LOVE it. Embrace your inner nerd! This part of the process will allow you and your organization to DECLARE to the world that what you do MATTERS! And by God, you actually KNOW it matters.

Week 5: What Do You Actually DO? (And How To Pay For It)

We’re going to get down and dirty in the MONEY part of your nonprofit business. What do you do, how often, and how do you pay for it? This is where we’ll get real about what you do, who else does it, why you do it better, and how you will pay for it. I think you’ll like this section even (or maybe especially) if you HATE budgets and don’t like to talk about money. Believe me, it’s actually really exciting and fun when you can put these pieces together.

Week 6: Take it to the Streets

We’re going to finish this up with exactly how you’ll write up your report (the plan), and how you’ll implement and execute this ridiculously beautiful plan of yours! Yes, you will get this thing to the point of DOING before we’re done. Because ain’t nobody wants a pretty notebook to shove on their (already too stuffed) shelf after all this work.

Bonus: Q&A Call

Get up close and personal with Sarai with a Q&A call where all your questions will be answered and the mysteries of the strategic planning universe will be solved! Usually, access to Sarai will cost you a pretty penny, but in this program, it’s just a perk of being part of the action!

Practice Assignments and Peer Critique

It would be awesome if you were able to plan this strategic process as we go, but that’s not practical for everybody. That’s why we’ll take you through practice assignments that will get you out there trying the techniques and using the tools we’ll cover in the program. And you’ll share it with the class J in a fun supportive way!

Facebook Group

Get connected with likeminded peers who are going through this process with you. Get feedback, ideas, support and lots of love from some awesome rockstars (and aspiring rockstars) who will have your back, help you get this to happen, and provide you with some great accountability!

This program is a hands-on, real-life application of a strategic action planning process that you can use in the here and now – so YOU can rock your mission like never before.

JOIN NOW - The Program kicks off Feb 19!

We are going to work our way through your ENTIRE strategic plan, step-by-step, piece-by-piece. You’re going to take this thing all the way and make the change you were truly meant to make.

From here, you’ll be able to create your action plans, your annual budget, your fundraising plans, program evaluation plans, and more!


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It gets BETTER!

You and me, baby, we're going to be talking about and getting PERFECTLY CLEAR on:

·         Who to include in your planning - and how to engage them

·         Managing UP - if you're not the head honcho, how can you get people on board? You'll learn how!

·         How to get people to speak the language of strategy and nonprofit business - even if it goes against every nonprofit fiber in their being! (you included...)

·         What changing the world and KNOWING you're making a difference really looks like.

·         How to identify and build effective and profitable partnerships.

·         Getting your message clear and out to the world with your plan as a tool!

·         Standing out from the rest of the organizations in your niche.

JOIN NOW -The Program kicks off Feb 19

Or click here for a 2-part payment plan!

How it all plays out: starting Feb 19!

We’ll be working together for 6 fabulous weeks starting Thursday, February 19th. Get Strategic NOW! is an ALL online program, with weekly trainings delivered to you LIVE over webinar. All of the trainings will be recorded and you’ll keep ‘em forever! You’ll learn exactly what to do and exactly how to do it.

You’ll also have access to me throughout the program! This is going to ROCK buddy, and you know what else? You can have an incredible, actionable, BEAUTIFUL strategic plan in six weeks or less. And you’ll know how to lead the process FOREVER.

JOIN NOW - This Program Blasts Off Feb 19!

Here's some stuff that SUCKS! And this is why you simply MUST join me in Get Strategic NOW!

Here’s what I know you DON’T love – and it’s something I had to deal with more than I wish I had to in all my lovely nonprofit days.

Days, weeks, months, of just groping for the next thing, the big grant, the new project, that awesome new program that promises so much…the scraping by, the pinching pennies (one of my old ED’s locked the company Post-It’s in the finance person’s office – gatekeeping sticky notes!)…the directionless trudge toward somewhere, somehow hoping and praying your mission is getting out there and making a difference.

Of course, there is no real way to know it is making a difference, right? There’s just your gut telling you it’s true.

You’re looking for funders who increasingly demand “evidence” that your programs and mission “work” – you’re getting mired in all the details and the logic models and the project plans (if you have them), and the grant compliance…and all the while, you’re without a strategy. There is no end game – there is no actual game in the first place.

You just do your job. Every day. And you burn out. And everybody around you burns out. And the ones who get too tired stay and trudge along, doing less and less, getting less and less effective, dragging everybody else down with them. And the ones who give up hope - those ones? They leave, recover, maybe go to the government or private sector where they can at LEAST have better benefits and the freedom of work that stays at work so they can go home and watch TV and drown their sorrows in beer and chips. I’m just guessing. (That’s kind of what I was doing…)

And you know? Nonprofits get by like this all the time. We scuttle about doing things, probably a lot of really GOOD things…and yet, we don’t get the results and sustainability we want and need. Our bottom lines are red or skinny. Our top lines are income from charity – and that’s not the only thing you need to keep on keeping on the good work you do.

Give Me Strategy or Give Me Death!  

Do you actually know what you need to do to get your mission to TRULY and MAGNIFICENTLY change the world? To help the people you care about most to have the kind of lives they deserve to have? Do you KNOW every single day that the work you’re doing is the RIGHT work? That your interventions and assistance and support and advocacy are getting to the REAL problem?

Do you know what your competition is doing? (Do you know you HAVE competition!??) Are you aware of what your stakeholders – your clients, your beneficiaries WANT and NEED? Have you asked them?

Are you, right now, today – completely sure about what priorities you have to pay attention to in order to get to the place where you are making that difference you want to make?

NEWSFLASH: If you’re not SURE of your strategy, you have no strategy.

I’m going to be harsh here for a sec.

If you can’t answer yes to all of my above questions (the ones in the last 3 paragraphs) then right now your organization (and your career!) is failing to be all it can be. You’re failing to share your message with the world in a way that resonates and inspires action! You’re failing to do the RIGHT work at the right time in the right way – the work you were born to do! You probably feel less fulfilled and more burned out than you thought was possible…

And you need to find a way to make this work. BETTER. The way it was meant to be. The way your mission DESERVES to be.

Get Strategic NOW! is not just a KILLER system (which it is) for creating and implement a kick-ass strategic plan. For sure we’ll cover all of that, but what it’s really about is this -

You doing what you were born to do. Which is changing the world, making your mission MAGIC and bringing hope and comfort to the people you care about – whomever they are, and whatever you do to help – YOU were born to be here, now, and to make this REAL.

This program gets you to a plan, but it’s really about how you can become a change agent – a strategy maven who gets real results – a person who can spur action and inspire devotion – AND PROVE YOUR RESULTS. That’s what this is all about. It’s worth a few hours and couple hundred bucks to do that, isn’t it?


 JOIN NOW -Program kicks off Feb 19!

Or click here for a 2-part payment plan!

So why should you care what I say?

I’ve been where you are right now. I’ve invented, launched, managed, revamped, revived, and re-envisioned program after program. I wrote grants, managed grants, invented strategies, created revenue generating program, drafted project plans, got things to HAPPEN…and all without a strategic plan.

But you know what happened? The organization I was with got this sad reputation for “chewing people up and spitting them out.” We ran our staff ragged with all this awesome activity – all these great things we were doing! We did some amazing things – we changed lives and whole communities!

And we didn’t really have a way to quantify that or explain it. We communicated well, to a point. We got people to like us, more donations, more grants, more clout.

But we lacked a unifying, gelling, completing STRATEGY to align our work and our efforts. Our alignment was out of whack because we pretty much said “YES TO EVERYTHING!” and decided to make it happen. And we usually did.

But at what cost?

I know you need a strategy because I know what happens when you don’t have one. I also know you don’t have the time or energy or money to spend on a “plan” that sits on a shelf somewhere, taking up space and serving as a nice exercise in…what?

I know you have what it takes to create a strategic plan that is based in action, results, and reality. And I know it’s what you need to make your mission jump off the page, into the world, in a major, huge, compelling way. Your strategy is all in the execution – but you have to know what to execute on before you start or you’re just doing things to do things. And that will burn out everybody.

It’s time to shake off the “we don’t want to be slowed down by a plan” or “we don’t know how” or “we don’t have enough time/money/energy/staff…WHATEVER!” to do this…no more excuses! No more waiting! It’s time to GET STRATEGIC NOW!

 JOIN NOW -Program kicks off Feb 19!

Or click here for a 2-part payment plan!

Decision time: here’s why you should say YES!

You are capable of so much more than you think. Your mission is bigger than you imagine.

If you truly want to create massive change in the world and to be responsible to the calling you have to make your mission real – then you need a strategy with action written all over it. You must be RUTHLESS about prioritizing and aligning, and equipping and resourcing your organization, staff and budget to get the work done and to make a difference in the lives of the people you care about. They NEED YOU.

You can’t do everything.

But you can do everything that matters.

Here’s a challenge for you. Before you go on with your busy day, your emails, your phone calls, your meetings, and all that. Stop for a second.

Take a deep breath.

Ask yourself:

Do you know what matters? Today, right now? Next week? Do you know what counts? Do you know what your priorities are for your life? Your organization? Yourself?

And – are you doing them – these things that matter? Are you really putting your priorities into action? Are you DOING the right work? Are you making the difference you want to make? Right now? Today?

If you’re not. It’s time to change. It’s time to get strategic.

If you can lay your head on your pillow every night, saying YES! to all these questions – then you’re doing it right. You’re doing LIFE right. You’re being strategic and you’re rocking it. You’re getting it DONE. You’re making a difference. You are living your calling.

Stop saying “yes!” to what you think is making a difference, what you think matters, what you think is what you “should” do today or this week or this month or this year. Start getting CRYSTAL CLEAR about what actually matters for your mission and your people – your cause – and then, go out and do THAT! Every. Flippin’. Day.

Join TODAY you glorious FOR-PURPOSE warrior, you!

As you must know by now:

Nonprofits are businesses, too. Run yours like a boss!

 JOIN NOW -Program kicks off Feb 19!