Are You Ready to Get Irresistible to Funders?

How's your grants program going? Are you getting enough money to do the best mission work possible? Are you getting new funders to hop on board with your work on a regular basis?

Do you want to?

More importantly, do you NEED to?

You might not know this yet - but it's possible to get funders to start knocking on your door to give your organization money.

Yep, it happens.

Wanna know how?

If You're writing grants and Still aren't seeing amazing, Lasting, profitable results - this is for you

I know how it feels to stare down a scary budget shortfall. I know how it feels to frantically look for grants that can help make that shortfall disappear...or at least not force you to lay off half your staff. And I also know how it feels to figure out how to maximize the potential and profit grants can provide.

It's not easy to fund a nonprofit with grants. Some people think it is - they think grants are "free money." Some people even create a nonprofit just because they imagine that grant funders are simply waiting in the wings to hand them wads of cash. If only it were so easy!

There are lots of courses and webinars and books and information about how to WRITE grants.

But...what happens after that?

And, what good does it do to just be awesome at writing grants if it never really gets you out of this budget shortfall, plug the gap cycle?

And, how do you know to whom to write those grants, and what to do to get your organization in front of them?

And, what about the thing where funders ask you about sustainability and we all make up some crap about...uh, individual donors? or... something?

And, what about the other thing where funders don't think you should pay for staff, programs, operations, overhead, administration, technology or other essential things? (P.S. I'd LOVE to see their foundation budgets and hold them to the same scrutiny, just for kicks).

And...what if success with grants isn't really just about the writing at all?

The secret is: grants are venture capital for nonprofits

Think about grants as an investment, and your organization as an amazing new investment opportunity for funders. All told, funders are buying something from your organization - some kind of social result, a benefit, a halo effect - it could be anything. Your job is to figure out what they want to buy, how you can provide it, and then how you can package and sell it...

...all while building a stronger organization that will be sustained well beyond any single funding cycle.

Wait - Sarai...did you just say "SELL????" But we're a nonPROFIT, you monster!

Yes, darling, I did say "sell" and I meant it. You are selling your organization as an investment, an opportunity, the best bet in a sea of options for getting the BIG RESULT you offer (and that the funder happens to want, very badly).

Does that freak you out?

It's OK, it used to freak me out too. But I found out it doesn't have to be hard, or sleazy or gross or any of that. It can be awesome! It can be exciting! It can be completely sustaining and brilliant for your organization and your beneficiaries. It can perpetuate your mission work, and support it in more ways than you thought possible.

You can go from scarcity and desperation to abundance and mission results.

And I want to teach you exactly how to do that.

The next big thing up Lean Nonprofit's sleeve is Grant:Magnet - a program designed to take you from the pedestrian world of writing grants to the magnificent world of attracting nonprofit venture capital.

We'll work together to transform your organization from a budget nightmare into a completely solid mission-focused funder dream.

You'll learn what it takes to make your organization irresistible to funders - and you'll learn how to put the right pieces in place to make that happen.

Say goodbye to the disaster that is grantwriting and management in your organization - and say hello to venture capital attraction and management. And then, give a big welcome kiss to long-lasting organizational capacity and sustainability.

Want to transform like that? So you can bust out your mission like NEVER BEFORE?

I know I wanted that, once upon a time, when I was eking out a few grants to the same old funders year after year.

And then, I did it.

And so can you.

Who's this Sarai person, and why should I care what she says?

If you don't know me, you're probably wondering who died and me the grant as venture capital queen? The answer is, nobody. I'm not sure there's a clear line of succession for that position anyway.

But what I DO know is that I have the experience and the history to back up what I'm about to teach you about grants.

I started working in nonprofits more than a decade ago, when I was still in college. My work started at the front lines - direct service - and I worked my way through the ranks of various organizations to management and leadership, eventually.

What made my experience super amazing was my time at a Community Development Corporation called NEDCO (Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation). I started there as a homeownership counselor, and quickly spearheaded the creation of new community economic development programs. I started writing grants about a year after  I started there, and thus began my long, complex and occasionally tortured relationship with grant funding.

I saw something really exciting in grants - but I quickly realized that grants were far from "free money" and that being truly successful with grants would require some serious organizational development and growth.

Together with my incredible team of co-workers, I set out to create an organization that would not only get lots of grants to do the work we were there to do, but that would eventually no longer NEED grants to do that work. We wanted to generate as much program revenue as possible to reinvest back into the mission and keep the organization going long past any grant period could.

And the fun thing was, the less we NEEDED grants, the more grants kept rolling in.

The less we were TERRIFIED of our funding difficulties - the more we found money when we needed it.

The less we FOCUSED on writing grants and worrying about that end of our work, the more funders actually ASKED us for proposals and then, lo and behold - gave us more money.

Bigger grants, more investment, greater relationship longevity, and MAJOR MISSION IMPACT.

So, yes. I know what I'm talking about. We went from a $600,000 organizational budget and six staff members to a $4million budget and nearly 50 staff members in less than 7 years. This was largely done through the creative and effective grant strategy we developed.

Just to add to the cred I'd like you to know about me :) - a little yadda yadda stuff - I've got the educational background as well as the hands on work in nonprofits. I earned a Master of Public Administration and Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Oregon. More importantly, I worked every day, living and breathing nonprofit administration, management, leadership and program development for more than a decade.

In 2014, I launched Lean Nonprofit to create a place for nonprofit practitioners and leaders to access much needed PRACTICAL training and resources to rock their missions and maximize their mission impact in the world. I have a not-so-secret ambition to elevate the nonprofit sector through better business management and smarter mission execution. That's what I'm doing here. I hope you're into that!

Grant Magnet offers more than just training - it offers transformation

Want to sleep at night?

Me too.

It helps when your organization is doing well financially, doesn't it? It helps when you know you have adequate funding to do the mission critical work you LIVE to do every single day. It helps when you can rest easy understanding that the funds will be there when you need them - that you can relax a little and focus on what really matters.

What really matters, is your MISSION.

You'll be able to not only rest easy - but you'll feel PROUD! You'll be able to stand back, and breathlessly look at the beautiful, mission-rocking entity you've created and see, without a doubt, the difference you have made in the world. In the lives of the people you care so much about. You'll see the way your efforts have created a stronger community. A healthier child. An empowered woman.

Whatever your mission - when you see it HAPPENING - every day, without fear of a shutdown or funder freeze, or other financial crisis, you can actually enjoy your freaking job. Don't you want to get up every morning with a little spring in your step, excited to spend another day contributing to your passion and calling? It's the best!!

When you feel happier, you feel better. You're healthier. You're aligned. You know you're in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

Your organization will be transformed as well. If you're smart about it - you want to build a mission and a venture that outlasts YOU. If it all depends on you, what have you really accomplished, in the grand scheme of things? It's not easy to think about sometimes, but it does make a difference when you know you're investing in something bigger than yourself - for the long haul. And your organization will be better off for it.

What People Are Saying about Working with Sarai

Need a payment plan? You can join Grant Magnet Premium for four payments of $400 each.

What You'll Get with Grant Magnet Core

Grant Magnet Core will feature a six week curriculum based on my Lean Nonprofit Grant Magnet system. Each Module includes several sections, worksheets and templates for you to put into practice the Lean Nonprofit Grant Magnet System. The information contained in each week is a wealth of information, covering several hours of education and independent work.

Module 1: Decide What You Need and Why You Need It - you'll do the work to understand what you do, why you do it, and what you need in order to do it AMAZINGLY well. We'll also dig into some of your limiting beliefs and accompanying behaviors that are holding you and your organization back today. Get ready for a kick in the pants that will change your perspective on nonprofit fundraising.

Module 2: Understand and Believe in Your Value - We'll hash through your personal AND organizational mission and vision. We'll uncover WHO you're selling to, by way of funders (remember, I'll say "sell" a lot, so gird your loins if that's offensive). I'll teach you some great ways to build funder research into your day to day, and how to keep track of it, even if you don't have a fancy database (yet). Then, we'll understand WHY those funders want to buy what you're selling - and we'll name your BIGGEST RESULT. We're going to also dig into your nonprofit's brand here, so we can begin to bring together the organization you want to become.

Module 3: Put Your Value Into the World - building trust and credibility. We're going to walk through all the usual credibility builders you MUST have in place in order to attract funders, and how you can get those builders in place RIGHT NOW. We'll discuss how to position your organization as THE go-to expert in your field (or fields, if you're so inclined). We will do more internal work on what you want to be known for (as a person, and as an organization - they're connected, and we're just going to live with that fact right out in plain sight!). We're going to talk about building trusting relationships with funders and how to maintain them and build them over time.

Module 4: Give Your Money a Home - once you know what you're selling, and to whom, and you're getting your trust and credibility rolling, it's time to start making the pitch to funders. But first, you need a home for the money you're hoping to land. This module will be all about program development as new venture development, we'll talk about pilot programs and "minimum viable products" to keep your risk low, and your rewards high. We're going to dig into how you can build a program that WORKS, and how to evaluate everything you're doing. Because evaluation is NOT optional - you have to do it. Luckily, I can show you some simple ways to make that happen.

Module 5: Receive the Money (or not) - we're talking about what to do when you get the funder's answer to your request. Yes, no, or we want more info - all of these answers are an opportunity to build more trust and credibility with the funder, and I'll show you how to make that happen. We'll talk about gratitude and celebration - both with your funder and your staff and board.. We'll talk about how to manage grants, how to build a project plan that will ensure success EVERY TIME, and how to make your funders come back time and time again.

Module 6: Put the Money to Good Use, and Kick the Whole Cycle Off Again - We're going to talk about turning a pilot into a program (or not), what to do when things don't turn out as expected (turning a negative into an opportunity!), and how you can do continuous improvement on your projects. We're also going to talk about how you can build in ongoing keep-in-touch strategies with your funder contacts, continuously building your relationships with different organizations and program officers, how to feel comfortable making a pitch to anyone, and how to fluently talk about why you do what you do as you grow and expand. We're also going to talk about the critical role your staff plays in keeping this cycle going.

The value of this curriculum is far and away above the price we're charging - but it's SO IMPORTANT - and I want you to get in on the ground floor. I'm not sure if I'll run Grant Magnet beyond this round in April - maybe it will come back later. However, it WON'T come back at this price again. If you think you MIGHT be interested, today is the day to get enrolled in the program.

In addition to the curriculum, you'll receive a FREE advance copy of my upcoming Kindle book, "Grant Magnet." Appropriately named, eh?

The last book was a best-seller, so imagine how fun it will be for you to say you had it first. ;)

With Grant Magnet Plus you'll get EVERYTHING in Grant Magnet Core, and you'll also get access to SIX weekly group coaching calls - you'll get to ask questions, get feedback, and connect with me (Sarai!) and other participants as you go through the program. I normally charge a minimum of $300 a month just for group coaching - with a 30 minute call per month. So, this is kind of a screaming deal.

Remember - there are ONLY 25 seats available for Grant Magnet Plus, and I expect them to go FAST! Make sure to enroll right away if you THINK this is something you want or need.

Need a payment plan? You can join Grant Magnet Plus for two payments of $375 each.

With Grant Magnet Premium you will rock the entirety of Grant Magnet Core, AND the group coaching calls with the Grant Magnet Plus folks. But you'll also get up to  an hour a week during the program to connect with me directly - one on one, just you and me, baby -  about your specific questions and plans. If you want that kind of access on a regular basis, it's gonna run about $2000 a month for mentorship. This program is just SO important that I'm more than happy to offer this kind of access to you at a great price.

Act now! Grant Magnet Premium is SO HOT it's bound to sell out quick. With only 10 seats available, you'll want to lock down your opportunity to get top-notch attention and help from Sarai while you can!

Need a payment plan? You can join Grant Magnet Premium for four payments of $400 each.

Still on the fence?

Let me Take the Sting Out of it For you -

If you're not 100% satisfied after getting into the curriculum for 30 days, you can get ALL your money back, simply by asking for it. No biggie. If it's not for you, that's cool. Some people I'm meant to serve, and others, not so much. If you like my style, great! If not, great! Just tell me within 30 days of the class start date (April 6th). I'll be happy to shell back out the money you pay if you're not happy with the product.

I think you will be...that's why this guarantee is so very easy for me to make! :) LOVE it or cash it in, it's up to you!

The Time is NOw

If you want to transform your organization into one that attracts grants like there's no tomorrow, buy today. Once you click the payment button for the Grant Magnet option of your choice, you'll be taken to a payment screen. You can use PayPal or a major credit card to check out. Don't forget to enter the offer code "EARLYBIRD" at checkout to make a screamin' deal even screamier!

After you pay, you'll get a confirmation email, and you'll be on my communication list. If you haven't opted into my list before, please watch for a second email that will ask you to opt in to receive communications.

I'll send an email out about once a week as we get ready for Grant Magnet to start, and then, on April 6th, the course will open to you, and we'll get rocking!

If you sign up for Grant Magnet Plus or Premium, you'll get a coaching call schedule by March 27th.

If you sign up for Premium, I'll be in touch with a scheduling tool so you can book your mentoring calls with me right away!

Truly - if you want to rock your mission and get financially WELL - take the plunge

Grant Magnet was born of my experience making this happen for NEDCO. Funders ask them for proposals, they get new funders on board constantly, they get the big bucks from Federal contracts and grants - all because we implemented (a rudimentary version of!) this system. With the refinement and work I've done on this process to make it consumable for you, you can't go wrong.

Sign up today!

Get Grant Magnet Plus for two payments of $375         Get Grant Magnet Premium for four payments of $400


I hope you'll join me for Grant Magnet!

I'm so excited to get this party started - and I just KNOW it's going to make a difference for your organization and mission. And for YOU, as a person. Because that's where it all starts. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Hey - if you DO sign up for Grant Magnet today - congratulations on being a total genius! If not, keep in touch. Feel free to email me or contact me through the website contact form if you have questions about the program. I'm here for YOUR success!

If Grant Magnet isn't for you, but you might find other Lean Nonprofit programs useful as they come out down the road, sign up for updates - there are lots of meaty freebies on the homepage for you to devour as you see fit. Best -



P.S. I REALLY don't want you to miss out on this super special offer

- so sign up today!