Win the Day...After

Welp. The Ducks lost. 

Sometimes we just can't get it together. You know? 

Sometimes you try something doesn't work. 

You feel sad, disappointed, frustrated, demoralized, confused, all kinds of nasty emotions that generally are expressed in emoticons featuring the frowny side of the parentheses. Like this -  :(


But What Of It? 

When you pull out all the stops, run your hardest, give your best, try more than you thought you could ever try!

...and then you don't quite pull through how you hoped you would? How you just knew you would? 

What then? What happens the day after? 

How to Win the Day After in 10 Difficult Steps

Here is what winning the day after looks like: 

1. Wake up. Your alarm is ringing. You remember what happened. Ugh. 

2. Open your eyes. The sun is too bright. You want to stay in bed. 

3. Hit snooze. Just one time. Let it be for 7 minutes, whatever. 

4. Wake up for a second time. Hear the alarm. Feel the burn of the loss. 


6. Take a deeeeeeep breath. 

7. Swing your legs out of your bed and set them on the floor. 

8. Take one step at a time. 

9. TRY AGAIN. Without fear. Without judgment. Without angst. 

10. Just. Keep. Trying. And Going. And Winning. 

Because the secret is, showing up is winning.

Being present and really there, in that moment, is winning.

Sometimes, no matter what the scoreboard says - when you gave it everything you had and did you best, and you know it without a doubt - YOU WIN.

Work at it. Keep it up. Go all in, play fast, hard and at your absolute top level. 

Take a minute to let yourself grieve the loss. Then pick yourself up and get back to changing the world. The world needs you. Your organization needs you. YOU need you. 

Be well - win the day, every day, whether you feel it or not - and you will win.

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