Win the Day!

Not to get all football on you, but as an Oregon girl, I just can't resist! It's the day of the National Championship, and whether they win or lose, my beautiful Ducks have played their hearts out this season. I'm not even into football, really. Except that I'm in love with Chip Kelly and his amazing legacy at Oregon (full disclosure - my alma mater and my hometown team, so, there's that). 

Here's what Chip did. He brought a new ethos to the team, and to the sport that was different and was unique. A little philosophy called "Win the Day." 

Simple, right? Winning, yes, we all want that! 

But winning the day is taking each and every moment, harnessing it, and doing your best to make it all it can be.

Winning the day is execution.

Winning the day is the strategy.

Winning the day looks like analyzing what you're up against, mapping out how you'll handle it, and then, breathing deep and making it happen.

Winning the day looks like hours and weeks and months and years of peak performance, managing yourself to be your absolute best, and to building a team of winners - who are in it together. 

So, Win the Day is on my mind, because, sure, the National Championship is rad. I'm excited, though I hate to admit that I actually care a teency bit about football right now (I'm too cerebral for that, right? Apparently not).

But what it really means to me can be applied to every nonprofit out there. It can be applied to me and my day, how I spend my time. How you spend yours. 

What are you investing in right now that is going to make your mission become reality? What are you doing to get yourself to peak performance - and stay there? What is it that your nonprofit needs right now to get to the place where you consistently Win the Day? 

Those Ducks can't win without a strategy, and you best believe that strategy would go nowhere without amazing execution. 

Want to be that amazing, but in your nonprofit? Get strategic and Win the Day! 

I'm releasing a book about exactly how you can do that in your nonprofit - no matter your position with the organization - board, staff, volunteer, manager, trench-digger, what have you. It's a step-by-step guide to help you build an incredible strategic action plan that will take your mission to the streets to make a real, measurable impact on the world. You can sign up to get it free if you order it between January 20-25th, so get on the train today and WIN. THE. DAY!

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