When We Are Selling Our Ideas the Audience Must First Buy Us

Way back when I was a workaholic young nonprofit executive, I wore a trillion hats. One of my hats was the sweet, sweet cash hat. I was in charge of bringing in the money that made it possible for us to make our mission happen.

First, I cut my teeth on grants.

“Grants, you say? You mean that elusive free money I’ve heard so much about from late-night infomercials?”

Not exactly.

Grants are FAR from free. They take a ton of time to write and they usually require a huge amount of work once you get the money. Not only the work of running your newly funded (!!) project, you also get to track your results and show the funder whether you are meeting the goals you promised you’d hit when you wrote the grant. You’re selling specific Impact that the funder wants to see. (If you’re an entrepreneur, this is basically the same as getting an investor for your business. It’s NOT free money.)

Grants, however, are deceiving in yet another way….

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