What If You Lose Everything?

Maybe I'm weird. I know a lot of people are scared to go into business for themselves because they might go broke. They might lose everything. They might have no money, and they might have to cut back or - god forbid - get another job someday. 

Me, though? It turns out I was more afraid of being financially successful than I was afraid of just about anything else.

And then, I lost everything.

Millennial Cause-Leadership Tornado

As of 2014, a whopping 94% of nonprofits were led by Executive Directors over 40. NINETY-FOUR PERCENT! 

I know, I know, 40 is the new 30. But if that's true, then 30 is the new 20, and we need to get some new leaders trained up in here, am I right? 

You know I am. So, what's that mean for YOU?