Online Courses

Since we live in a world where we don't all get to be in the same space all the time, we've decided to make it easier than ever to get access to our training and practical tools for nonprofits. Our upcoming online courses are group coaching experiences. Once the group coaching cohort is done, the courses will be available as stand-alone purchases as well. 

Want to do all of them? Sign up to subscribe to our group coaching program and get a monthly dose of awesomeness for your organization. Is there a topic that isn't relevant to you? If you know someone else who can use it, you can gift your subscription to people outside your organization for a month.


Simple & Speedy Program Evaluation Coaching Program

This four-week course will give you everything you'll need to get your program evaluation going for your organization or program. From vocabulary, to what and how to measure, to using your evaluation results for storytelling and engagement, we have got you covered.  You'll not only learn how to do this - you'll get the support and tools you will need in order to hold yourself accountable to making evaluation happen - and get it implemented in the time it takes you to finish this four-module course! 


Starts July 27th - sign up by July 21st to get the best possible deal! 

Rapid Program Development

This four-week group coaching experience will give you everything you need to get your programs developed in a faster, smarter, more inclusive, less wasteful way. Integrate Lean Startup principles into your program development efforts and find out just how impactful you can be! 


Starts August 10th - sign up by August 4th to get the best possible deal! 

How to Create a Fundraising Program

It's easy for consultants to walk up to nonprofits, skim through fundraising textbooks, and write up brilliant and amazing plans...that you can't execute because where are you going to get extra time and staff and...oi. So, Lean Nonprofit has designed a beautiful process that helps organizations diversify their revenue streams while leveraging their existing workflows - effectively adding capacity without requiring massive investments in time, energy, or money. Join us for a four-week coaching program to learn exactly how to implement your Fundraising Program - not just a plan - so you can diversify your funding streams the smart way.


A Budget Process That Kicks A** - September 2017


Project Pipelines and Management for Nonprofits - November 2017


Grant Magnet - October 2017


Earned Revenue and You - December 2017