Strategic Impact Assessment

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What you'll get: 

  • Two modules from my online course called "Simple and Speedy Program Evaluation" that cover the Change Hypothesis Model and Metrics Development. 
  • The Mission Canvas I use for developing a Change Hypothesis Model;
  • The Change Hypothesis Model template;
  • Simple & Speedy Evaluation Tool;
  • Simple & Speedy Evaluation Planner;
  • Depth of Social Change Metrics Cheat Sheet;
  • Simple & Speedy Evaluation Map;
  • How to Create Your Survey Checklist.

All of this will come to you in a series of emails that will guide you through using the tools.

I normally sell this online course for $347, but I'm giving you most of the content for free - no strings, no obligation - because I think you will like it! Please feel free to share this link with other people at NTC if you think it will be helpful to them. Enjoy! 


Strategic Impact Assessment Offerings: 

I offer several ways to conduct Strategic Impact Assessment for your organization using the simple, streamlined, inclusive process I have used to help many nonprofits successfully get a handle on the real results they get. See the "For Nonprofits" page for more details about my pricing and offerings.

At a glance, Strategic Impact Assessment is offered in these formats:

Done-for-You Retainer

Starts at $9,000 plus expenses for 6 months for organizations with up to 3 programs. Additional expenses apply for travel and for additional programs. 

Additional retainer time can be added to the contract to support you in conducting your first Strategic Impact Assessment from start to finish. An additional 6 months minimum is required for this service.

Done With You Coaching:

Starts at $500 a month for 6 months. Coaching is conducted remotely via phone, and includes two calls per month. Online course content will be made available to you to show you exactly how to implement the Lean Nonprofit Strategic Impact Assessment process, and coaching calls will be used to provide you with direct support and troubleshooting as you implement the processes for your organization. You will also receive templates and other implementation tools to create an easy way to put this process into practice now! 

Do it Yourself Training:

Starts at $4500 plus expenses (including travel and materials) for a full-day (up to 6-hour) training. I come to you at your location, and you can invite anybody you would like to include in the training, within your organization or external attendees as well. If you'd like to charge admission to the event for your colleagues from other organizations to help cover the training fee, have at it! This training will cover all the processes used to conduct Strategic Impact Assessment, and includes access to templates and other implementation tools online for all attendees.