Upcoming Webinars

We know, we know! A lot of you fine people can't make it to the Lunch & Learns and it's breaking your little hearts. Well, weep no more, my dear one, for you can now attend a webinar on the same topic the very next day! And, because we know you are a practical, hard-working genius, we are launching a series of 4-week coaching programs on these self-same topics each and every month. Don't miss a single thing you need! 


Available On-Demand

Simple& Speedy Program Evaluation

Take the fear and loathing out of program evaluation, and replace it with ease and delight. Program evaluation, believe it or not, is your friend. Learn exactly what the heck I mean by that, and how to make it your reality by watching this 40-some-odd-minute webinar. 

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July 21, 2017 @ 11am

Rapid (And Effective!) Program Development

Learn how to build and launch programs using Lean Startup-style principles in this webinar series. You'll learn how to include your clients and beneficiaries in the process of program design and development in ways you've never thought possible - all while eliminating waste. July 21st at 11am.


August 4, 2017 @ 11am

How to Create a Fundraising Program

Are you stuck relying on just one (or, if you're sort of lucky, a few) primary sources or types of revenue? Learn how we help our clients implement fundraising programs (not just plans you don't have capacity to execute!) and how you can build a fundraising program for your organization. Never asked a donor for money before? We'll show you not only how to build a culture in your organization that allows for that to happen - but also how to take the money, send the thank you notes, and make sure your donor management and stewardship is on-point.