all of the following offerings are available in three delivery options:

Done For You Retainer:

Depending on your needs, this retainer is structured for 12-18 months, with work conducted onsite and remotely. 

Done With You Coaching:

I train you on the processes, facilitations, and resources I use in delivering this product to my clients. You will be licensed to use it within your organization only. We will enter into a coaching agreement, and I will provide you with direct one-on-one support as you implement the process with your organization.

Do it Yourself:

You and a team in your organization can opt to receive a one-time training based on this process. If you choose to proceed with Done With You Coaching or Done For You Retainer in the future, the fee for the training will be applied toward the consulting retainer.

A note on this page

My work with nonprofits is slimming down in the coming years to make room for my work with nonprofit consultants and my shifting focus into Leave in Love (Change Management - for individual and organizational transformation), and Burnout Resilience. That said, I still love nonprofits and doing awesome projects with them. To save us both time, I decided to list my prices for the first time ever on this website. It's not the typical consultanty thing to do, but I would like you to know what I expect by way of investment before we talk. I don't want to cause any heart attacks - and I also don't want you to think the investments might be out of reach. I offer reasonable and feasible payment plans on everything I do, so please consider that when thinking about your interest in work with Lean Nonprofit. If you'd like to chat about your specific needs and interests, please fill out the comment box to the right (or below, if you're on mobile), and we'll connect! 

Strategic IMpact Assessment

Do you know if what you do in your organization gets the results you think you get? Do you REALLY know? I mean, with data and stuff? For most organizations, the answer is, sadly, not really. 

That's why I've worked with clients to hone a process to create and manage a simple and effective Strategic Impact Assessment. This allows your organization to define the right things to measure so you can know whether you're getting the results you are hoping for. 

This program takes place over the course of 6 months to design and implement. If you opt for a 12 month package, we'll also conduct and analyze your first organization-wide strategic impact process. 

Done For You Retainer: Starts at $9,000 plus expenses for 6 months

Done With You Coaching: Starts at $500 a month for 6 months

Do it Yourself Training: Starts at $4500 plus expenses for a full-day training 

To get started with Strategic Impact Assessment work with me, check out this free online mini-course. It's the greater part of a longer course I used to sell for $347. It's yours for nothin' because I want nonprofits everywhere to be able to truly measure the value of their work in the world! 

Oh! And bonus: there are some sweet deals offered at the end of the course, so if you're even considering implementing an impact assessment process, it's worth your time to check this out.


Organizations spend a lot of time and resources chasing grants. It can be frustrating, and it can feel like a never ending treadmill. That's why we developed a proven system for maximizing your grant program by building genuine relationships with funders over time, diversifying your asks, knowing and using every part of your grant pipeline and management process to increase your trust and credibility with funders, and ensuring all staff and volunteers are on the same page about your work so you can begin to attract grants to you. If you build an amazing track record of measured success, funders will want to invest. We can help you get there. This program is inclusive of Strategic Impact Assessment (you can't be a Grant:Magnet without knowing and proving your mission impact, after all).

Done For You Retainer: Starts at $24,000 plus expenses for 12 months

Done With You Coaching: Starts at $500 a month for 12 months

Do it Yourself Training: Starts at $4500 plus expenses for a full-day training 

Lean Fundraising Program Development

We don't just teach you how to ask for money and get it (sure, we do that, but just about any nonprofit consultant can do that)...we help you figure out how to leverage your existing strengths - all that makes you magic - so you can maximize each area of fundraising while building into new ones in a sensible, thoughtful, strategic way. 

When you expand, diversify, and increase your fundraising efforts - whether it's by diversifying grants, launching a sponsorship program, earning revenue, or bringing in donors, you need to know what to do with the money (and your funders/sponsors/customers/donors) once you start getting the cash in your hands. We work intensively on your specific opportunities for revenue growth and design programs, processes, and systems to help you implement a fundraising program that gets you to your goals.

This program works wonders if you're just getting started with a new area of fundraising (for instance, you run mostly on grants now, and would like to diversify and add donors), have a lot of glitches in your fundraising systems (scrambling to get grant reports together at the last second and maaaaybe not totally 100% sure they're accurate, anyone?), or need to scale up because you're growing. 

This program is inclusive of Grant:Magnet and Strategic Impact Assessment, described above.

Done For You Retainer: Starts at $60,000 plus expenses for 12-18 months

Done With You Coaching: Starts at $500 a month for 12-18 months

Do it Yourself Training: Starts at $6500 plus expenses for a two-day training 

Lean Nonprofit Organizational Overhaul

There is literally nothing else I want to do more than this exact thing with an organization. And I'll tell you what - if you go this far in the list, and you find yourself thinking, "huh, this seems interesting, I'm a firm maybe," please let's talk, because I think we can work out a great way to work together that will get you some amazing results. 

This offering is the longest in the works, one I haven't sold directly until now, and one that I would love to offer at a preliminary MVP (minimum viable program - I practice what I preach, darling) discount to the first organization who is ready to take on major culture work to implement a Lean Nonprofit culture that integrates your unique values as well as the Lean Nonprofit ethos of equity, justice, liberation, and continuous improvement. Lean Nonprofits get the important things done - and stop burning out and chewing up staff in the process. Lean Nonprofits are aware of the propensity to replicated external problems you're out there to solve inside the organization and places the right backstops against that tendency. Lean Nonprofits run their organizations like a boss, while also bringing more love, more freedom, and more amazing transformation to the world. 

So, if you dare, let's talk. 

This offering is inclusive of Strategic Impact Assessment, Grant:Magnet, Fundraising Program Development, and includes additional culture and change management strategies that I've honed over many years of practice. The minimum duration for this engagement is 24 months. It is only offered on retainer at this time, though we hope to expand it to the coaching and training delivery methods after we pilot it with an organization. Stay tuned (or, could that organization be yours?)!  

Done For You Retainer: Let's negotiate

Done With You Coaching: Not yet available

Do it Yourself Training: Not yet available

Executive and Management Coaching

If you are an Executive Director or nonprofit manager, chances are you face a lot of challenges that stretch you in your work. I know, because I used to be there too. Having a coach helped me overcome management and leadership plateaus in ways that could have taken me forever to crack on my own. If you find yourself feeling isolated in your leadership position, or especially challenged by your management role, get in touch. Retaining a coach can really help you overcome those obstacles in ways that might not have occurred to you before. We all reach points in our lives and work where we need to get a little boost up to the next level. 

As your coach, I help you identify your strengths, overcome imposter syndrome and a host of other unhelpful beliefs, understand how you motivate and lead others naturally - by simply being yourself - and how you can truly take your leadership and management games to the next level. We work as a team to identify where you'd like to go and co-create a roadmap for how to get there. 

If you're ready to make the most of your career and work, get in touch. My baseline price for coaching is $225 a month for one 60-75 minute session a month - but I also have a secret sliding scale that is based on your organizational or personal income, so if that seems like a price that is out of reach for you, still get in touch. I want to help world changers change the world with style and grace, so if that's you, don't let a number stand in the way of your amazing work and success. 


EverythingDiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Certified 

These tools are amazing and tragically underutilized by nonprofits. Get ahead of the curve and customize a course of action with EverythingDiSC or Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. Nonprofits receive a discount off retail prices for DiSC and Five Behaviors products (tons of government, private sector, and other nonprofits use them throughout the world). 

This is a bonus above and beyond the four areas of focus mentioned above. We just love DiSC and Five Behaviors, and think they are basically magic for making everything work better. 

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