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Take an online course and learn what you need to know - fast, low investment, and action packed. Check out our course selection by clicking the button below. You'll be redirected to our online course portal where you can learn more about what we offer and sign up for whatever your heart desires. 

Enough Workshops to Keep You Rocking and Rolling all year long

See our Eventbrite page for workshops offered in Eugene, OR in 2017. If any of the topics strike your fancy, but you're too far away, get in touch using the contact form below, and let us know what you need. We're planning our online offerings based on what we hear from people like you, so speak up! 

Want a deeper dive? 

Sign up for an in-person workshop, or schedule one in your area for 10 attendees and get your enrollment free. Contact us using the form below to enroll. Our workshops are 6-hour courses that allow you to walk away with a template and a completed plan. Topics include: 

Strategic Planning That Actually Works (This course will teach you how to lead a group through a strategic planning process using our Mission Canvas. You'll complete a sample in the course, which will guide your group's planning process)

Lean Nonprofit Program Development (Minimum Viable Programs) - walk away with a basic program plan, including how and when to launch, and how and when to decide to persevere or pivot.

Mission-Based Culture Development - if you don't intentionally develop your culture, it will eat you and your organization alive, all too easily. Whether your organization is failing to meet mission-based goals, you find yourselves uncertain of direction, you're experiencing high turnover, or you want to take your mission work to the next level, it's time to address your organizational culture. Everything else falls into place once that is in order.

The Thoughtful Manager - helps new and seasoned managers alike learn how to work with others more effectively through the application of Cognitive Behavioral Group education and work. We all exhibit behaviors in the workplace - some more positive than others. What we don't know, is that we have complete control over which behaviors we choose. This program walks managers through the process of learning to examine the thoughts and beliefs they have that lead them to certain emotions, which lead to behaviors. This skillset can then be translated to help managers provide a new framework for getting along and being effective in the workplace with their staff and volunteers. 

How to Create a High-Performing Nonprofit Team - based on 5-Behaviors of a Team, this workshop will provide you and your team with the tools you need to work together toward your mission results. Each attendee receives a personalized report discussing their Everything DiSC or All-Types styles, along with a team performance assessment and plan. 

Understanding Everything DiSC - we provide Everything DiSC communication and management training for individuals and teams. Topics include Work of Leaders, Management, Sales (fundraising), and Workplace training. Contact us using the form below to get more information on pricing for your group. 

Consulting Options

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Get your strategic plan completed and implemented in record time. A Lean Nonprofit Genius will come to you to engage you and your stakeholders in the process - and you'll have yourself a plan that can be started the second we leave the meeting. 

Lean Fundraising Program Development

We don't just teach you how to ask for money and get it (sure, we do that, but just about any nonprofit consultant can do that)...we help you figure out what to do with the money and your donors once you start getting the cash in your hands. Believe us, it's awesome. This is great if you're just getting started with fundraising, have a lot of glitches in your fundraising systems (scrambling to get grant reports together at the last second and maaaaybe not totally 100% sure they're accurate, anyone?), or need to scale up because you're growing. 

Lean Nonprofit Program Development Implementation

Develop and launch your next program faster and more effectively than ever before using our proprietary process. It's faster, less expensive, and more effective than A) winging it, or B) doing the same old thing. 

Culture Development

Want help building a positive, productive, mission-focused culture? We are obsessed with helping organizations with that very thing. If you're having any of the problems described here, please do the world a favor and give us a call ASAP. 

Board Development

We can help you with everything from your board recruitment, onboarding, and retention efforts, succession planning, review, and training, to helping your board learn how to function more effectively in their governance role.

EverythingDiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Certified 

These tools are amazing and tragically underutilized by nonprofits. Get ahead of the curve and customize a course of action with EverythingDiSC or Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. Nonprofits receive a 25% discount off retail prices for DiSC and Five Behaviors products (tons of government, private sector, and other nonprofits use them throughout the world). 


Executive and Management Coaching

Work with Sarai one-on-one as you develop your executive and management skills. Sarai believes that in order to lead well, we must continuously evolve into better and better versions of ourselves. By utilizing tools like DiSC, Strengthsfinder, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques (among others), Sarai will support you as you develop into the person you are meant to be. Submit the contact form below to apply for coaching.

Leadership Consultation

Are you a great leader - or want to be - but feel a little stuck? Let's talk. You might need a bit of a leadership reset, complete with some time to get to know yourself and your style better than ever. This package includes a DiSC Work of Leaders assessment ($189 value) and a 2-hour leadership consultation ($300 value).

12-months to Leadership Transformation

Let's keep working on your awesomeness for a little while! For leaders who want to be better and do more.


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